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Grant Fjermedal is one of the best case study and white paper writers in the United States. Microsoft has used his services since 1992, during which he has written more than 350 Microsoft case studies and more than 90 Microsoft white papers. Grant has also written for many other companies from giants such as Boeing and Weyerhaeuser, to startups. A former reporter for the Seattle Times, Grant has also contributed to the New York Times.

A former medical and science writer for The Associated Press, Fjermedal has written four nonfiction books, including his volume about the future of computing, The Tomorrow Makers (Macmillan, hardcover; Microsoft Press, paperback), which was named one of the year’s 10 best nonfiction books as part of the Notable Books List of the American Library Association. His first book Magic Bullets (Macmillan, hardback) examined the molecular biology and research heroics behind the quest for monoclonal antibody cancer therapies. Grant has written about highly technical topics ranging from software to healthcare, to industrial processing.

Frightfully Logical: Talking movies with "Exorcist" director William Friedkin, left, and M*A*S*H legend Elliott Gould, right.

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