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“Talespinners have nothing on the hard-core science freaks. This non-fiction book has enough new ideas for 16 Star Trek sequels. And better dialogue. . . What a wonderful book this is.
                         - Rudy Rucker, the San Francisco Chronicle (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)
“Just fyi…this is one of the best case studies on SQL that I have seen!!! It is a perfect example of what a case study on SQL must look like…it is full of detailed metrics on all aspects of scalability. I’d make this case study available on MS Market so subs can print it for various demand gen events. Thanks.”
                         - Vipul Shah, Microsoft
"Many colorful characters populate Magic Bullets, from Dr. Order, whom the author presents as the ideal physician--highly competent and technically innovative but also deeply humane--to the rollicking band of beer-drinking geniuses or near-geniuses who do Hybritech's research and administration. . . This book is perhaps the most interesting exposition of how industrial innovation takes place since Tracy Kidder's The Soul of a New Machine looked at a computer company and won the Pulitzer Prize."
                         - The Wall Street Journal (reviewing Magic Bullets)
"Working with Grant was easy. I just coordinated Grant and our customers and out popped perfect case studies. Over and over Grant was able to get from our customers exactly what we needed: Their real stories about how they're using (and benefitting from) our products. It sounds simple, but it takes someone like Grant to make it happen -- perfectly each time and crafting a unique story each time. Thanks Grant!"
                         - Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP and Founder of PolicyPak Software
“I just want to say, I’ve always thought highly of your skills but lately I’ve noticed you’ve really taken your interview skills to the next level. I was really impressed with the Clalit call in particular. You very much come off as a technical peer with those we interview and you know how to get to the meat of the story at hand.”
                         - Mike Kilpatrick, Microsoft
“A pure reality hit. Sensitive and acute documentation of the obscure and rarely-glimpsed souls who dream our real future.”
                         - William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)
“Thank you for one of the best, most polished, most professionally presented case studies that I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. You did your homework and it really shows.”
                         - Linda Richmond, Editor (referring to a 10-page case study about Reuters)
"Fjermedal, author of Magic Bullets, here offers a richly human picture of the lives and work of the brilliantly, sometimes eccentric or self-amusedly arrogant robotics researchers at Stanford, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon and elsewhere with whom he spent countless hours in preparing his book. . . . The book's overtones take the breath away."
                         - Publisher's Weekly (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)
“Since people are talking about you I thought you’d like to see what is being said. Excellent job Grant. You’ve made an immeasurable contribution towards the success of the launch and we are all grateful for your help.”
                         - Scott Davis, Microsoft
"He uses the personal journalism style, similar to that of Tracy Kidder in The Soul of a New Machine. The result is a fascinating, nontechnical account of the state of the art in machine intelligence. Recommended for public library and academic collections."
                         - Library Journal (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)
“All of that to say that you have a true gem with Grant. He has always done such a great job and made it so easy for us. I guess we are really spoiled. I know you realize how good he is, but I wanted to send you a quick message and let you know how much we have appreciated working with him and Microsoft through these case studies.”
                         - David P. Smith, Chief Technology Officer, ServiceU Corporation
"Mr. Fjermedal's overall view of the tomorrow makers is an optimistic and even enticing one. Regardless of whether the prospects presented here seem alluring or alarming, The Tomorrow Makers should be required reading for anyone interested in the future of technology and the impact of that technology on society. A more provocative, stimulating and downright enjoyable passport to the brave new world of high tech would be hard to find."
                        - PC Week (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)
“Well… you did it again! Everybody loves your new Valero Energy case study.”
                       - Joanna Sharp, Microsoft
“The 787 customer audience was really engaged throughout the video. It was a departure from anything they had seen to date and really centered on their needs and aspirations as business people in the airline industry. They laughed and enjoyed the ending and gave a round of applause, which is a fantastic achievement for Boeing and the GoldCare program.”
                       - Chaz Bickers, Boeing (referring to a video, for which Grant wrote the script)
"Fjermedal does for these men what Tracy Kidder did for the computer whizzes in The Soul of a New Machine. Fascinating look at a tomorrow that's already here. A sure-fire hit with the techies, this deserves a wider audience."
                         - Kirkus Reviews (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)
“We know our project is very involved and I appreciate how fast you are absorbing our story. . . . We've had a number of Doctors (MDs and PhDs) that have looked at the system and either never grasped all of the depth of it, or it took them a couple of days. So, Good Job!!!”
                         - Glenn S. Phillips, President, Forte' Incorporated
"Fjermedal's spellbinding prose leads the reader on a fantastic journey not into science fiction but into what may very well be 'science future'. The Tomorrow Makers is often amazing, sometimes frightening, and always interesting."
                         - The Bloomsbury Review (reviewing The Tomorrow Makers)



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